Friday, March 13, 2009

ToTo I Think We're In Kansas


Well I made it back to Kansas finally. I got in today, Friday, about 2pm. It was a very, very, very long drive but oh so worth it.

I got to start seeing my kids at 3:10pm when they got off the school bus. There reactions were priceless. No one new I was coming back. I am pleased to say they were all THRILLED, EXCITED, AND SHOCKED to see me. We're spending the spring break at my mom's and brother's house, catching up.

Well that's all that's new with me for now. I'll check back and update soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009



I'm still in South Carolina. I thought I would fill everyone in on what's been going on. No need to rely on the gossip wagon when you can get it straight from the horses mouth, so to speak! I AM NOT A HORSE LOL

My vacation seems to have turned into a permanent move. I came out here to visit an old friend who happens to be a man. I came to visit him and his family but told my husband I was coming to see a girlfriend. I knew if I told him it was a guy, of course like any normal man, he wouldn't let me come so I screwed up and lied. Well after being here a week I asked him if I could stay another week and he had no problem with it. When it came time to come home the following weekend, Mike had paid too many bills and I didn't have enough money to come home with (well not an amount I felt comfy with because I wanted a little extra in case I had car trouble again, I did when I came down here). We decided I would stay one more week and leave the following Friday after he got paid. Well in the meantime he found out I came out here to see another man (I won't go into how he found out-no need to talk trash about anyone).

Well needless to say he was pissed. I went out Wed to do a little shopping and found out he cut off all my money. Closed out joint checking acct, reported his debit card lost (I had his, he had mine), and took me off the 1 credit card we had. So I'm stranded out here. He filed for divorce and took temporary residential custody of the kids. I have a lawyer and am trying to protect my interests from South Carolina.

Before anyone has a cow and says how can I commit adultry, I HAVEN'T. Mark and I are friends, we don't even sleep together. WE ARE FRIENDS. He has given me a place to stay, so I'm not homeless and has made sure there is food on the table for me. His entire family has taken me under their wings and made sure I'm comfortable and are helping me anyway they can.

I miss my kids terribly but I get to talk to them on the phone everyday and Mike went out and bought a webcam so I can see them on the puter. Seeing them helps only a little bit. The first time we saw each other on the puter we all cried made me miss them even more. I'm hoping Mike decides to be kind to the kids and let them come out here on spring break to visit me.

So this was just an update to let everyone know what's going on. If you have questions or comments, just ask, I'd rather everyone hear the truth from me than believing any kinds of gossip that may be going around.

Don't judge me, you haven't walked in my shoes. Just because I screwed up my marriage doesn't make me a bad person, it makes me STUPID.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'M GOIN ON VACATION, I'M GOIN ON VACATION. I'm heading out the door tomorrow in the am and heading for South Carolina. I'm gettin in my car with my new GPS and zoomin on down the road. The weather is supposed to be warmer and the company will be GREAT. I haven't seen this friend in forever so it should be an awesome visit.

My only problem is WILL I COME BACK? lol of course I will, I have kids and scrappy supplies here, LOL. I'm supposed to be back next Sunday but I think it might snow too much in the mountains for me to pass (kidding) ;)

Not much new going on around here besides my trip. Christmas was nice and peaceful! The kids were thrilled with their gifts, the big ones included Nintendo DS's for all 3 younger ones, an Xbox 360 for the 16 yr old and my 19 yr old bought everyone a Wii, needless to say my kids are busy for hours, LOL

See ya when I get back

Sunday, December 21, 2008


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long time no post

I was talking to a friend online today and she "scolded" me for not updating my blog so here I go.

Nothing much new in my life. My Etsy store is up and running. I got an email from FrugalMommy and she wants to feature me on her blog in January for a Valentine give-a-way. She saw my Valentine's Day Banner in my Etsy store and thought it would make a great give-a-way. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I never thought my work was good enough for something like that. So I'll be making that banner today. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and loaded up on Valentine papers and ribbons.

Christmas shopping is going slowly, not even close to being done yet. Does anyone have a money tree I can pick from? LOL

I'm trying to plan a trip to South Carolina in January or February to visit an old friend. I haven't seen her in 20 years or so, so that should be a good time. We're gonna head down to Myrtle Beach for a few day while there. I soooo miss seeing, smelling, and hearing the ocean. The rooms at the hotels on the beach are super, super cheap since it's off season. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I may never wanna come back to Kansas. Maybe I'll come back long enough to grab the kids and my scrapbooking stuff, LOL.

Well I guess that's all that's new with me.

Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Store

Hey Everyone,

I finally jumped on board and opened an Etsy store. Check me out on the left. Pretty cool huh

Stop by now and then to see if I post anything new. Also while your at the left, click on the other Etsy shops and see their great items.

Thursday, November 13, 2008